When your child decides to attend Tarawera High they will be given many opportunities to develop and pursue their interests and passions, while learning what it means to have Tarawera MANA.

Tarawera High School has both junior and senior sections, which have distinct identities but share specialist facilities and teaching expertise. 

Junior High focuses on educating emerging adolescents (10 – 13 years) who are provided with quality, student-centred inquiry programmes, delivered primarily by home-room teachers and supported by specialists.

Senior High students (14 – 17 years) focus on gaining qualifications catering for individual vocational pathways ensuring all students leave us to further education, training or employment.

I invite you to become part of our new school community preparing ourselves and our future leaders to meet the challenges of the 21st Century with confidence and self-determination. 

Together, we can help our rangatahi fulfil their destiny. 

Nāku noa, nā

Helen Tuhoro