English is the study, use and enjoyment of the English language and its literature. Literacy in English gives students access to the understanding, knowledge, and skills they need to participate fully in the social, cultural, political, and economic life of New Zealand and the wider world. To be successful participants, they need to be effective oral, written, and visual communicators who are able to think critically and in depth. 

At Tarawera High School, English is a fundamental and core part of the curriculum, running from Year 7 through to Year 13. The students practice making meaning of (listening, reading and viewing) and creating meaning (speaking, writing and presenting) at each level of the curriculum, reflecting the way in which achievement objectives are structured. 

Students that participate in English will cover a whole range of the reading and writing curriculum with a growing emphasis on developing critical text analysis skills and increasingly sophisticated text production. This will help them to become increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners, writers and readers, presenters and viewers.