Our staff are well-qualified and caring, offering quality learning experiences through innovative programmes that cater for each student’s needs and with their future vocational path in mind.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Staff and Curriculum Leaders

Mrs Marissa Peters, BEd, PG Dip Māori Performing Arts, Dip TchgKKM 

Learning Behaviour Coordinator (Deputy Principal)
Ms Teresa Hoskins, Dip Tchg (Secondary), BA (Music)

Learning Pathways Coordinator (Deputy Principal)
Mrs Julie Mees, BEd (Hons)

Assistant Principal
Mr Matt Sheaff, BBus, GDipTchg

Curriculum Leader PE Health & Senior Academic Advisor
Ms Karen Henderson, BEd, DipTchg (Secondary), PG Dip Ed Admin (Hons with Distinction) MEd Admin & Leadership

Curriculum Leader Technology

Curriculum Leader Visual Art
Mr Jason McDonald, BEd, DipTchg, GDipArts

Curriculum Leader of Science
Mr Tahu Erlbeck GDip Tchg, PG Dip.Science & Tech Ed. BESc

Curriculum Leader of Mathematics
Mrs Anneke Stoman, B Com, PGCE

Curriculum Leader of English
Mr Matt Metcalf, BA (Hons)

Curriculum Leader Performing Arts
Mr Antony Pritchard, BA (Hons)

Cultural Leader
Mr Jordan Kaie, BEd

Pastoral & Guidance Team Leader
Mr Merv Ellis, BA, PG DipEd Guidance & Counselling, PG DipTchg & Learning

Junior Academic Advisor

Administration Staff

Principal’s PA
Mrs Laura Goddard

Office & Property Manager
Ms Kimiwai Karekare

Administration Officer
Ms Tania Olsen

Administration Officer/Gateway Admin/Librarian
Ms Morrise Hunt

Finance Officer
Mrs Tracy Morrison

Relief Coordinator/Kawerau Attendance Advisor
Mrs Nicky Nuku

Rangitaiki Attendance Advisor
Mrs Christie Moses

Buildings & Grounds

Mr Chris Hansen

Mr Joe Leathers

Specialist Staff

Guidance Counsellor

Learning Support Coordinator
Ms Deborah Ninness, DipTchg

Specialist Learning Centre Manager
Mrs Emma Clements, BTchg

Specialist Learning Centre Teacher
Mrs Mandi Ruri                                                                          

Career’s Advisor
Ms Maria Puutu

Teen Parent Education Centre Manager
Ms Kylie Torkington, BA DipTchg

Sports Coordinator
Ms Eden Lloyd

Mrs Ashley McAllum, RN

Teaching Staff

Outdoor Education
Mr Francois Herbst, BEd

Physical Education
Mr Quintis Pieterse HED & Sports Management
Mr Cameron McMillan, MTchgLn, BPhEd (Study Leave 2024)

Ms Ngamihi Moses

Ms Karen Henderson, BEd, DipTchg (Secondary), PG Dip Ed Admin (Hons with Distinction) MEd Admin & Leadership

Fashion Technology

Food Technology Tutor
Mr Jono Marr

Design and Make, Hard Materials
Mr Matt Wright, BEd

Dance Tutor

Mr Rennie Grace, BEd, DipMusicPerformance

Mr Zac Scott, BEd

Mr Kelvin Stoman, BEd (Hons)
Mrs Anneke Stoman, B Com, PGCE

Junior English & Social Science
Ms Fleur Moses-Pryor, BEd

Senior English , Maths & Art
Ms Stacey Morrison, BEd

Mrs Jana Brits, BEd

Mr Simon Mees BEd (Hons)

Year 7 Integrated Learning
Mrs Sure Herbst, B.Com
Mrs Mel Forman, BTchg
Mr Saveth Pon, GDipTchg, BSport & Leisure

Year 8 Integrated Learning
Mr Matt Brown, BSport & Leisure, GDipTchg
Mrs Toni Ramanui, BEd
Ms Te Okeroa Ngaheu, BEd

Miss Michelle Savage

Year 9 Integrated Learning

Mr Justin Ross,
Mrs Marcelle Comins, PG DipTchg, BAppSci (Horticulture)
Mr Jordan Kaie, BEd
Mr Alex Crosbie, BEd