It is important to us that all students and staff feel safe, valued, cared for and respected as individuals. Our smaller size means that we will all know each other and our whānau.
He kai kei aku ringa
There is food at the end of my hands

We aim to ensure the wellbeing of our students in an inclusive school-wide culture that promotes meaningful relationships, care for the environment, oneself and others, unity and harmony.


Tarawera High School is enrolled in the Gifted and Talented Education Professional Learning and Development (GaTE) Programme for teachers and school leaders. 

We have developed a Teacher and a Parent Student Referral Form so that identified students can be given the TKI Online Interview, and then be mentored through the development of a Personalised Learning Programme alongside their Whānau Teacher, GaTE co-ordinator and Whānau. 

We are working towards building a network of interested parties to bring together the wider community and develop the ways in which school capability, local resources, e-learning and ICT can be supported for our many talented students in all the various learning realms.

Restorative Practices

Restorative practices are an integral part of Tarawera High Schools behaviour management system.


It is a process that looks to repair relationships when there are issues or conflict between students and staff. It’s a process that does not look to punish or assign blame, and instead focuses on exploring the harm done, building understanding, putting things right and also planning a way forward.

A restorative school builds resilience and teaches/models emotional intelligence so that high-end incidents are less likely to occur.

Whānau involvement is vital and we will encourage and expect parents to be fully involved. When things continue to go wrong we draw on a wider range of support mechanisms to support the student.

About Student Health at Tarawera – ASHaT

ASHaT is a group that encourages mentoring and leadership within the school regarding student health needs. Students have the opportunity to learn about specific health aspects and be a voice within the community and school environment by initiating and running specific health promotion events.  

To become a ‘Health Promoting School’ ASHaT (on behalf of Tarawera High School) must consult with students, staff and wider whānau about their health needs, which will lead to bronze, silver and gold accreditation by recognition of having outstanding policies, procedures and participation to encompass and empower student health within the school environment.

Rainbow Club (previously GSA)

Mission statement: To build understanding and inclusiveness of gender and sexuality diversity.

What: A safe space where students who identify as sexuality and gender diverse can hang out and talk about their identity and connect with others, including allies who want to learn about gender and sexuality diversity and show support.

When: Every Wednesday – Lunchtime

Where: TBC