At Tarawera High School we have established a timetable and curriculum that is responsive to the needs of our students.

We have a big focus on pastoral care, with Year 7 to Year 9 spending most of their time in a homeroom environment. Whānau class is held on Monday morning and Thursday after block one. Whānau class provides pastoral and academic support for our students. 

The timetable is divided into three blocks of 90-100 minutes with two breaks, this gives teachers a chance to provide longer, richer learning experiences and helps minimise transitions and period changes for students.

Seniors subjects are run on whole day academies to allow for more learning experiences outside of the classroom, and to allow our Trades Academy students to attend their courses without impacting their normal classes.  

Our vision of Akonga at the centre of our learning community has led to Teachers using authentic learning contexts and an integrated curriculum approach, to maximise student engagement and learning. This helps to engage our students, leading to an increase in student achievement and motivation.