In 2003 Kawerau College established a Teen Parent Unit at 44 Ballance St, using a former school house. For the ensuing nine years the TPU catered for 20 girls and had two full time teaching staff.

At the end of 2012 when Kawerau College was closed and Tarawera High School was established, the viability of continuing with the Teen Parent Unit was discussed as numbers were low. The new Board of Trustees decided to continue to support a new look Teen Parent Education Centre by broadening its learning and engagement with second chance education and supporting young parents.

In 2017, a purpose built facility, for mothers and babies was built on site at Tarawera High School.

The Purpose of TPEC

To facilitate the provision of targeted support that is responsive to the individual learning and wellbeing needs of teen parents, leading to improved educational and wellbeing outcomes.

We provide all students with high quality educational opportunities that will meet the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of teen parents within our community.

We offer our Teen parents:
  • A safe and supported learning environment
  • Babies are able to be with the mother while they attend classes
  • A wide curriculum taught by two experienced, qualified secondary teachers that target individual student needs
  • NCEA 1,2,3 and U.E working on co-constructed ILP
  • Career and vocational education
  • Life skills education.
We work closely with:
  • Our host school, Tarawera High School
  • YPP providers
  • The School                     
  • Health and social agencies
  • Outside providers of vocational education.
We are student focused and aim to meet all the needs of a young parent.
  • We provide daily transport
  • All course costs are covered
  • Childcare subsidies are available.

Our students enjoy their time at TPEC and the education they gain enables them to make career and lifestyle choices that support both them and their children in the future.