Guidance Counsellors

Mr Merv Ellis

At Tarawera, we think taking care of your health and wellbeing is really important, and we offer FREE, CONFIDENTIAL, PROFESSIONAL health and counselling services every day at school. 

The Hauora Centre is a safe and confidential space where students are able to share their concerns, worries, hopes and dreams with a counsellor and are empowered to find ways to meet challenges, make informed decisions and discover their preferred ways of being in the world.

Students are offered the opportunity to receive counselling support from two qualified counsellors. This is a professional confidential service. Our Hauora also provides the services of an on-site school nurse and clinics for a doctor.

Counselling is for anyone who wants to talk to someone about dealing with life’s challenges or who wants to make changes to some part of their life.

It is unusual to go through life without sometimes feeling a problem or concern has become too big to handle alone.  Choosing to come to counselling may mean you are already on your way to coping with the difficulty.

The heart of this Hauora is on a respectful, caring and positive relationship. The intent of the counselling support is to provide pathways by which a young person and their family can make the changes they want to make.

  • You have the right to choose whether you see the counsellor alone, with a friend, or with members of your family.
  • What you tell us is confidential.
  • We do not tell anyone without your permission unless we are seriously concerned for your safety or the safety of others; even then we will tell you about our concern and discuss the situation with you.
  • We believe that the choice to come to counselling is yours.  If someone is concerned about you, they may ask you to see us, but the choice to be involved in counselling is yours.
  • We believe that although many problems are universal, different cultures have different ideas about how they can be solved.
  • We will try to see things from your point of view.
  • If you would prefer, we will help you find someone from your own culture you can talk to.
  • We are able to refer you and your family to skilled counsellors and community agencies if it is appropriate. 
  • We work within the guidelines of the Code of Ethics of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors.
School Nurse

My Name is Ashley McAllum,  I am the School Based Health Nurse.  I am at school all week during school hours.  I assess children that need: Wound Care, Sexual Health, Health Information and Promotion, Chronic Healthcare and Management i.e Asthma, Diabetes.  I provide treatment for minor illnesses such as ie Sore throats and ears, Throat swabbing, nutrition and healthy lifestyle education and support.  The Process to see myself is to email/phone the school reception first, to require an appt, and I will call for you when I am free on the day.

Paediatric Doctor:         ( once a month clinic)

This service is available for any student who has general health concerns. The nurse is onsite each day from 8 -2:30 pm

Appointments for any of these services can be made via email or directly at the school office