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Tena Koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa A warm welcome to Tarawera High School
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Our Staff

Our staff are well-qualified and caring, offering quality learning experiences through innovative programmes that cater for each student’s needs and with their future vocational path in mind.

Senior Leadership Team

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Helen Tuhoro



Julie Mees

Learning Behaviour Coordinator


Gavin Holland

Learning Pathways Coordinator


Matt Melvin

Senior Manager

Senior Staff and Curriculum Leaders

Mrs Helen Tuhoro, BTchg, DSM, DipTchg

Learning Behaviour Coordinator (Deputy Principal)
Mrs Julie Mees, BEd (Hons)

Learning Pathways Coordinator (Deputy Principal)
Mr Gavin Holland, BSc (Hons) NeuroSci, PGCE

Senior Manager
Mr Matt Melvin, MA (Hons), DipTchg

Curriculum Leader PE Health
Sapphire Mullany, GDipTchg,BSR 

Curriculum Leader Creative Technology
Mr Beau Morgan, BMArts, DipTchg

Curriculum Leader Social Sciences
Mr Matt Melvin, MA (Hons), DipTchg

Curriculum Leader of Science/Maths
Mr John Mullany, BA Psych, PG Dip Counselling, DipTchg

Curriculum Leader of English
Mr Matt Metcalf, BA (Hons)

Curriculum Leader Performing Arts/Specialist Classroom Teacher
Mrs Danielle Pritchard, BA (Hons), PGCE, MA (Education)

Cultural Leader
Mr Daniel Herbert, Dip.Māori Studies

Senior Academic Advisor
Mr Antony Pritchard, BA (Hons) PGCE

Junior Academic Advisor
Mrs Raewyn Morgan, BTchng

Administration Staff

Principal’s PA
Mrs Edwina O’Brien

Office/Property Manager
Mrs Vicky Mitchell

Administration Officer
Ms Kahurangi Gage, BPASA

Finance Officer
Mrs Karlene Robertson

Relief Coordinator
Mrs Jocelyn Stephens

Careers Administration
Mrs Jocelyn Stephens

Buildings & Grounds

Mr Chris Hansen

Mr Noel West

Specialist Staff

Pastoral & Guidance
Curriculum Leader Pastoral & Guidance
Mrs Louise Pryde, BTchg, BCoun

Guidance Counsellor
Gail Witchell

Specialist Learning Centre Manager
Mrs Jo Mackintosh B.Ed, DipTchg

Specialist Learning Centre Teacher
Mrs Rochelle Weedon, BTchg

Career’s Advisor
Ms Maxine Kaipara

Teen Parent Education Centre Manager
Mrs Kylie Torkington-Carter, BA DipTchg

Teen Parent Education Centre Teacher
Ms Jules Reilly, PGCE, BA (Hons) Sports Development

Sports Coordinator
Mrs Bronwyn Perkinson

Mrs Ani Tai, RN 

Teaching Staff

Mr Antony Pritchard, BA (Hons)

Outdoor Education
Mr Francois Herbst, BEd

Physical Education
Quintis Pieterse HED & Sports Management

Physical Education
Mr Cameron McMillan, MTchgLn, BPhED

Fasion Technology
Mrs Barbara Morgan Grad.DipTchg (Secondary) 

Food Technology
Mrs Kelly Handley, BHealth Sci

Miss Heketerangi Te Maipi

Design and Make, Hard Materials
Mr Matt Wright, BEd

Mrs Liz Tamblyn, DipTchg, BEd

Mr Jason McDonald, DipTchg, BEd

Mrs Jalaja Balakrishnan B.Sc, B.Ed, H.PG Dip HED, PG EDE (Hons)
Mr Patrick Cleary, BSC Dip Maths, BSc
Mr Tahu Erlbeck, Grad.Dip.Tch, PG Dip.Science & Tech Ed. BESc

Ms Deborah Ninness, DipTchg

Year 7&8 Integrated Learning (Boys Deans)
Mr Francois Herbst, BEd

Year 7&8 Integrated Learning (Girls Dean)
Ms Stacey Morrison, BEd

Year 7 & 8 Integrated Learning
Mrs Glennis Martin-Paling BEd DipTchng
Mr Te Kanapu Anasta, BTchn Māori Medium
Mrs Leah Henderson-Speechley, BEd
Mrs Sure Herbst BCom
Mr Jim McDonald Grad.Dip.Tchn (Primary) B.A

Team Leader Year 9
Mrs Raewyn Morgan, BTchg

Year 9 Integrated Learning
Mr Reinhardt Kruger, BEd
Mr Alex Crosbie, BEd